Caring for your wig

Caring for your wig

When taking care of your wig the hair texture needs to be taken into consideration. Straight and curly hair need to be treated differently.

We advise you to use a shampoo that does not contain too much protein as it tends to dry out your hair quicker.

For straight hair- we recommend you use the Tresemme Silky smooth shampoo and conditioner and use a drop of serum to keep the hair shiny and silky. When blow-drying, straightening and ironing your hair apply the Mizani miracle milk as a heat defense to protect the hair from the heat and this is because applying heat directly to your hair can destroy the hair strands.

For curly hair-

You will need a paddle brush and a spray bottle with just plain water for curl activation. Curls tend to be drier compared to straight hair, so it recommended that you use a curl defining cream such as Curl la la.

When you brush or comb your hair( straight or curly) ensure that you brush starting from the ends going up towards the root of the hair especially when you are detangling to avoid breakage.

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